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Available Saturday & Sunday | 11am to 2:30pm


Deviled Eggs Benny image

Deviled Eggs Benny

2 poached eggs, devilled hollandaise sauce, arugula, crispy bacon and toast.


Empire Eggs image

Empire Eggs

2 poached eggs, yogourt, shallots, garlic,
spiced brown butter. served with a side of toast.


Have It Your Way Eggs image

Have It Your Way Eggs

2 Eggs any style.
Choose your add-ons.
bacon $3, turkey sausage $4, smoked salmon $4, extra egg $3, toast $3, half avocado $3, guacamole $4, truffled cassava fries $4, papas bravas $3


Mushrooms & Leeks Omelette image

Mushrooms & Leeks Omelette

Savory omelette filled with earthy wild mushrooms, aromatic garlic, fire-roasted onions, and delicate leeks for a flavorful experience.


Cheese Omelette image

Cheese Omelette

Cheese omelette featuring a house-made creamy cheese blend, crafted for a decadent, indulgent breakfast experience


Meat Lovers Omelette image

Meat Lovers Omelette

Hearty omelette filled with pulled braised beef ribs, crispy bacon, creamy fior di latte, and tangy pickled red onions.



Mushroom & Leeks Galette image

Mushroom & Leeks Galette

Savor our rustic galette brimming with earthy wild mushrooms, smokey fire-roasted onions, creamy fior di latte, leeks, and sesame seeds.


Cheese Galette image

Cheese Galette

Overflowing with a velvety cheese blend, cream cheese stuffed crust, accented with fresh chives for a burst of flavor.


Meat Galette image

Meat Galette

Succulent pulled braised beef ribs, crispy bacon, creamy fior di latte, and vibrant pickled red onions.


Banana Cinnamon Galette image

Banana Cinnamon Galette

caramelized bananas, delicate fior di latte, and a hint of cinnamon, a culinary delight.



The COPA image


brisket, onions, fior de late, pickled anaheim, tomato sauce, chili oil


Picanha image


anticucho marinated picanha, fior di latte, fried leeks, chimichurri and crispy garlic


Once Upon A Time In Rio image

Once Upon A Time In Rio

frango desfiado, gorgonzola sauce, parmesan, hearts of palm, roasted corn, chives, and olive oil


El Presidente image

El Presidente

nduja sausage, spicy salami, caramelized onion, tomato sauce, hot honey and cheese


Wild Child image

Wild Child

wild mushrooms, leeks, spicy honey parmesan, fior de late, green onion, bechamel


Peace, Love, Prosciutto image

Peace, Love, Prosciutto

tomato sauce, bufalo mozzarella, arugula, sundried tomatoes, capers, prosciutto and olive oil


Old School image

Old School

pepperoni, tomato sauce, fior de late and hot honey


Margherita image


tomato sauce, mozzarella cheese, fresh basil


King Kong (Dessert Pizza) image

King Kong (Dessert Pizza)

banana, fior de late, chocolate and cinnamon


El Gringo (Dessert Pizza) image

El Gringo (Dessert Pizza)

dulce de leche, white chocolate, mozzarella, pistachio


More Brunch

Truffle Cassava Fries image

Truffle Cassava Fries

crispy cassava fries with truffle oil, parmesan cheese and garlic aioli.


Smash Burger image

Smash Burger

prime beef patty, topped with lettuce, tomato, cheddar cheese and secret house sauce on a soft brioche bun., and served with french fries.





Breakfast Taco image

Breakfast Taco

Corn tortilla, egg, cheese and guacamole


Avocado Toast image

Avocado Toast

Homemade bread, toasted and topped with guacamole.
add egg $3, add smoked salmon $4


La Favella French Toast image

La Favella French Toast

Savor our decadent French toast, filled with Nutella or Dulce de Leche, expertly crisped, and crowned with luscious condensed milk and butter.


Blueberry Mami Cakes image

Blueberry Mami Cakes

2 signature blueberry pancakes . Topped with our homemade blueberry compote. and whipped cream.


Chocolate Chip Mami Cakes  image

Chocolate Chip Mami Cakes

2 signature dark chocolate chip pancakes . Topped with nutella and whipped cream


Banana Cinnamon Mami Cakes image

Banana Cinnamon Mami Cakes

2 signature banana pancakes. topped with nutella and whipped cream.


Fruit Bowl image

Fruit Bowl

strawberries, banana, mango & pineapple


Açaí Bowl image

Açaí Bowl

acai, banana, mango, blueberries, and almond milk topped with fresh fruits


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